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Emulation Solutions by OpenSLX

The award winning Emulation-as-a-Service EaaS framework provides versatile solutions for long-term preservation and high-fidelity access to legacy content of different sources.

The availability and accessibility of digital assets (e.g. offices files, legacy software, database or, digital art) is closely tied to a computer and software platform, which becomes quickly unavailable due to a fast technical life-cycle. Our approach to keep digital assets accessible and usable is to replace physical hardware parts with virtual hardware equivalents (emulation).

Access Solutions

OpenSLX provides solutions for reading rooms, computer labs to access large born-digital collections. EaaS simplifies access and integrates seamlessly with existing repositories and archival solutions. Contacts us

Worldwide Access

Emulation-as-a-Service is a secure, scalable and cost-effective Cloud solution for on-demand access to digital assets within the user's browser. Contact us


A growing amount of digital artworks is relying on out-dated hardware to perform. We support museums and galleries to publicly present digital art in an authentic and cost efficient way. Contact us